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I need a replacement chainslider, where do I get one?
We are in the process of producing a batch to keep on hand specifically as replacements. As soon as they're ready, we'll make them available for purchase on this site.

I heard you guys make a mechanically operated brake with an adapter for the stock rear hub. Can I still get one?
Unfortunately, no. After we released our hydraulic brake kit, it was clear that the mechanical kit, although less expensive, did not perform nearly as well as the hydraulic version and we discontinued production.

One of your race bikes had a really wide rear tire. Where do you get the rim and/or tire?
The rim is a Cyclone and the tire (which requires a special tube too) is from Xtreme.

Can I use your CRF70 tall seat foam and gripper seat on my XR70?
The short answer is no, they're not interchangeable like CRF50 to XR50's. They're very different seats, with the CRF70 being narrow through-out while the XR version widens considerably towards the rear. The longer answer is, maybe. We have had customers several customers go the DIY route and convert them over with some foam surgery, removing chunks from the old seat to fill out the new one.

My swingarm has a plug in the side of it. How come?
In order to machine the shock mount bolt hole in the swingarm, we have to use long drill that cuts in through the side of the arm. Once the arm was finished being machined, we used to plug the hole for appearences, but later found is was more convenient to not plug the hole as it provided access to knocking out the shock mount bolt if it was inserted from the brake/right side of the bike.

My swingarm has a hole in the side of it. How come?
As the answer above mentions, we use a long drill to machine the lower shock mount bolt hole through the side of the arm. We used to plug the hole for appearences, but later found is was more convenient to not plug the hole as it provided access to knocking out the shock mount bolt if it was inserted from the brake/right side of the bike.

Will you sponsor me?
Although we've had little presence at the races in recent months, we still receive this question. The blunt answer is no. Our sponsorship program, has always been very limited as we tend to dump most of budget and personal resources into our own race team, leaving us with little room to provide opportunity for others. Although we wish we had the resources to change this, we're blunt about the answer because wouldn't want to mislead you by saying anything otherwise.

Are you still in business?
Not like we used to be. This question kills me, and not in a good, that cracked me up, too funny way, but because we put a lot of our lives into Reeg MX and as a result of many factors (Manufacturing in the U.S. in recent years for a niche market or otherwise wasn't a particullary profitable industry, even before the economy completely tanked.), we're forced to focus on other business avenues for the time being. This is why we're not quick to respond to emails and have discountinued our phone line. We're presently busy working to feed our family's by other means. We are trying to keep some replacement parts on the shelf to support existing customers though, but we do not have any plans for producing new parts in the near future.

I sent you an email days ago and haven't gotten a response, what's up?
As the answer above outlines, we have been forced to focus on other ways to pay our bills which means our customer support has gone to crap. I know it sucks, but we do get the emails, and do respond to them. So if it's taken awhile to get an email response, hit us up again. Although we can't do pitbikes full-time, we do want to continue to help where we can.

Tech / Specs: Replacement Parts

Don't see the part you're looking for? Email us:
  • Bearings
    American Bearing Works -
    Swingarm Needle Bearing - Part# N/A
    Swingarm Pivot Race - Part# N/A
    Hub Bearing - Part# N/A Mechanical Brake Adapter Bearing- Part# N/A
  • Brake System Parts: Hydraulic
    KHS Bicycle Parts - (618) 393-2955
    or Polini also uses the same system on their X1R H20 bike.
    (Except they use a 140mm rotor while our system requires a 160mm.)
    Polini USA - (408) 353-3537
  • Brake Parts: Mechanical
    Hayes MX-1 Brake System -
  • Elka Shock Parts
    Elka Suspension -
  • Graphics
    Titan Mega -
  • Spokes - Reeg Hub
    For our hubs, we use Buchanan Spoke and Rim - (626) 969-4655
    10" Wheel Front or Rear: '02 Bombshell Rear Spokes / 10" Rim
    12" Wheel Front or Rear: '02 Bombshell Rear Spokes / 12" Rim
    12" Wheel Front or Rear: '02 Bombshell Rear Spokes / 14" Rim
    For nipple selection, your options are Nickel Plated or Stainless Steel
    We've found that stainless steel, although more exepensive, will hold up longer, but make sure to use spoke oil during assembly.

Tech / Specs: Tips and Instructions

Tips / Tricks / Techniques:

Swingarm Pinch Bolt Heads
This is a real quick tip. To prevent the raised letters on your swingarm's pinch bolts from grinding into your axle adjusters, sand them down on a belt sander. Although this has become common practice here when assembling swingarm kits, there's quite a few arms out there that could use this touch up.

Swingarm Pinch Bolt Wrench
Another quick tip involving the belt sander. In order to easily adjust the axle's adjuster/pinch bolts, we keep a 10mm wrench in our tool box that's had the top and bottom of the open end sanded down. Not too much has been removed though as it'd make for a weak wrench that could easily bend under pressure.
Axle Adjuster Wrench
Swingarm Maintenance
Details coming soon.

Wheel Lacing: Spoke Oil
If using stainless steel spokes with stainless steel nipples, be sure to apply spoke oil to the thread of every nipple before assembling. Although spoke oil isn't required for zartan nipples to prevent seizing, it will help ensure that you meet the proper torque requirements after truing the wheel.

Wheel Lacing: Zartan/Nickle Plated vs. Stainless Steel Nipples
If you have the option, we suggest using Stainless Steel nipples as they're not as prone to cracking. They will cost more and are more likely to sieze if spoke oil isn't properly applied during assembly.

Dialing In Your Elka Shock
Details coming soon.

Chain Tension
Correct tension should leave a 1/8" gap between the chain and swingarm if you lift the chain towards the swingarm near the chain roller.

Shock Mount Bolt: Removal
Details coming soon.

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